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What's It About?

Set of activities that enables the organization to monitor its performance in an anonymous and confidential.

Mystery audit is an audit that, thanks to specially trained staff, offers the opportunity for an organization to assess and monitor the quality of services provided from the point of view of the customer.

Who Is It For?

While in the past the business of mystery audit was bound to restricted areas, now thanks to the expansion of economic activities in the audit incognito turns out to be the winning key for all those companies who want to make their way in an increasingly competitive and selective.

This technique is in fact interested companies and organizations operating in different sectors:

 Tourism, Gastronomy and Hospitality
 Banking / Insurance
 Training (public and private)
 Shops and Department Stores
 Estate Agents
 Organizations linked to the traveler and the car
 Organizations that offer security services
 Organizations that offer online services

What's In It For You?

 Check the performance levels of a service and malfunctions
 Better understand the customer's expectations
 Assess the competence of the staff and the effectiveness of the training provided
 Compare their efficiency in terms of productivity, quality and business practices with competitors
 Collect data and information to new market research

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